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feed in tariff - benefits for your household

The Feed in Tariff and the Renewable Heat Incentive schemes have been introduced by the UK government to encourage households to use renewable heating and electricity generating technologies,  in order to help the environment and to help the UK to meet its international carbon reduction requirements.

Under the current schemes you will paid for the electricity and heat you generate through your renewable heat or energy system, as well as saving money of your existing heating and electricity bills.  This makes going green not only good for the environment, but also very good for your personal finances. This means that you not only stand to save lots of money off your current energy bills through generating your own electricity / heat, but you also will receive an extra income that can equate to a substantial earning over time

These incentives will be revised downwards (known as degression) over time as the government meets its quarterly target in terms of the number homes using clean energy and heat generation systems.  As more households adopt the technologies and take up these incentives the tariff rates will be reduced for new applicants.  A bit like an Easy Jet or train ticket – the earlier you book the more money you save.

These incentives are your reward for going green, and the sooner you take advantage of these incentives the more you will benefit.


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