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Air Source Heat Pumps Questions Answered

Is my Home Suitable?

A well insulated home is essential for a heat pump to be able to operate effectively and efficiently. Its only requirement is space for adequate air circulation around the externally fitted unit.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

No planning permission is needed, as long as it is situated a calculated distance from neighbours windows and isn’t visible from a public highway.

How well do Air Source Heat Pump systems work in the UK?

The UK receives plenty of the suns radiation that generates heat the heat in the air that the unit needs to work very effectively, all year round and even on a cold winter’s day. The system will be able to supply your hot water heating requirements efficiently all year round.

Where will the ASHP need to be located?

It will be located on the outside wall of your home, and one of our technical surveyors will assist in recommending and planning a suitable location with you.

How much hot water will a system generate?

As long as a suitable system is installed it will be able to provide all of your hot water and heating needs. Our technical surveyor will be able to advise you on an appropriately system with the adequate output for your home.

How much will an Air Source Heat Pump system cost from Gem Solar?

As each system is tailored to the property to which it is fitted on, a technical survey is required to give you an accurate quote. However to help give you an idea, and using a typical 3 bedroom house scenario, a fully installed system, including new water cylinder, registered and Renewable Heat Incentive ready will cost approximately £9-11k.  Government incentives will cover most of this cost.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and if you like we can arrange for technical survey to give you a precise quote.

Can I choose a particular make of Air Source Heat Pump for you to install?

Yes you can. We will advise you what we believe to be the best quality and value system available at the time. This is judged not only by the specifications from the manufacturer, but also from the installation experiences of our installers, and customers.  Samsung is our primarily installed recommended brand, and Hitachi for homes with poorer insulation and higher heat losses.

We are not tied to a particular manufacturer in order that we can maintain that flexibility to provide for our customers the very best product available at the time.

It also means that we are free to install any equipment a customer wishes. So if there is a particular make of system you have researched yourselves that you would specifically like us to install for you, then please let us know and we will source and quote accordingly.

What does a technical survey involve?

One of our full time employed, non-commission based surveyors will visit your home to assess your hot water heating requirements, as well as how well insulated your home is in order to calculate the correct sized system for your home. The surveyor will also discuss with you the location options for the Pump to be installed.

The survey is required not only to be able to properly asses you property in term of being able to recommend the correct sized system for your home to give you an accurate quote, but also adhere to the MCS (renewable energy installation governing body’s) standards, which requires us to give you the customer the most accurate data possible on how effective the proposed system will be.  The survey will involve a very comprehensive full building heat loss survey.

Unlike many renewable energy companies we are completely against the use of the typical hard sell techniques used by so many firms. We cannot stress enough that it isn’t an untrained commission based hard sell sales rep that will be visiting your home, but rather a fully trained technical surveyor who is there to give you the information required and answer any questions you may have.

The whole survey process should take around an hour depending on the size of property.

Can I Install an Air Source Heat Pump System myself?

Yes if you have a Part P electrical and plumbing qualification, however to be able to benefit from the government backed incentives the installation will have to be undertaken by an MCS accredited installer. Plus it is very important you know what you are doing.  A poorly sized and set-up system could result in higher bills.

What can I expect to save in energy?

This will of course vary depending on how much energy you use to heat your home and hot water, and how well insulated your house is.

The system is extremely efficient (5 times the efficiency of other non renewable heating technologies), even compared to a modern condensing boiler, so you should expect to use around a quarter of the current energy you use to heat your home and hot water.

Please use the calculator in the calculators section to work out what you are likely to save. The calculators used are on independent government backed sites, so you can rest assured that the estimates they give are completely achievable, as opposed to the unrealistic calculators you may see on some commercial solar sales sites.

As well as saving the amount of energy you need to pay for you will also be eligible to be paid extra for using your own produced energy through the Renewable Heat Incentive.

What can I expect to earn from my Air Source Heat Pump system?

As well as the savings you can make by needing less energy from your supplier, through the RHI scheme you will also be paid 10.85p per kWh of energy you produce through your Air Source Heat Pump system.

This 10.85p per kWh is paid to you even though you will be using the energy you create yourself in your own home. You are effectively getting paid for doing your bit to help the environment – it’s a thank you from the government for being a part of the solution to the planets problems rather than being a continued user of the non-sustainable energy produced by the big power companies.

For current Air Source Heat Pump installations this generous payment is fixed for the next 7 years, giving you plenty of time to not only repay your initial investment, but also to earn an income from your System, tax free.

Please use the calculator in the calculators section to work out what you are likely to earn. The calculators used are on independent government backed sites, so you can rest assured that the estimates they give are completely achievable, as opposed to the unrealistic calculators you may see on some commercial renewable energy sales sites.

How long will it take the system to repay its investment?

Using a typical well performing  system example you should expect your system to have completely paid for itself in savings and Renewable Heat Incentive earnings, in about 7 years. As the Air Source Heat Pump system should last 20+ years, this still leaves a further 13+ years of savings. The current renewable heat incentive earnings are guaranteed for the next 7 years, turning your Air Source Heat Pump system into a good investment for many years, from its likely completed initial investment cost repayment.

Please use the calculator in the calculators section to work out what you are likely to earn. The calculators used are on independent government backed sites, so you can rest assured that the estimates they give are completely achievable, as opposed to the unrealistic calculators you may see on some commercial sales sites.

Is there much paperwork I need to do to get my system registered for the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme?

There is no need for you to do anything. As your MCS installer, Gem Solar will take care of everything for you.

What maintenance of the system is required?

The Air Source Heat Pump is a sealed unit designed for lengthy trouble free operation. All the maintenance that is required is that the unit is kept free of dirt and debris. A quick annual service check over will ensure a trouble free system for many years.

Does an air source heat pump work on cold days?

The Air Source Heat Pump is designed to still work effectively even at sub zero temperatures and will remain effective even down to temperatures as low as -15 oC, although they will work more effectively and efficiently at warmer temperatures. Many Air Source Heat Pumps are being designed especially to suit the UK climate, so you can be sure of the best performance.

Can an Air Source Heat Pump System work alongside my existing Boiler?

Yes it is possible to have an air source heat that can work alongside your existing boiler. However an adequately sized Air source Heat Pump system is capable of providing all your heating and hot water needs at a much greater level of efficiency, so in our opinion working alongside a secondary boiler system is unnecessary, and doesn’t warrant the additional costs involved in installing a dual input system.

Will I need new radiators and hot water tank?

An Air Source Heat Pump system can be connected up to your existing heating system, however bigger /  more modern radiators may be required. An heat pump is even more be more effective and efficient if connected to an underfloor heating system. If the system is going to be part of new build we recommend that it is connected to an under-floor heating system.

What Impact will fitting have in my home?

Very little. The majority of the work is done outside of the house, and the internal work involved will take less than a day (depending on the type of internal heating system it is being connected up to,) and you will only be left without hot water for a few hours. A typical install can be completed within 2-3 days, depending on any additional plumbing that may need to be involved.

Our installers are all full-time employed by Gem Solar and we don’t use any external third party contractors. As a result you can rest assured that our installers are polite and professional, multi-skilled, efficient and clean and tidy – the very best around.

How long will it take from placing my order to get the system installed?

Typically we can have a system installed and up and running on your house within 3 weeks, but we will always try and fit around your requirements, and will always try and get it done sooner if you need us to. Equally if you wish to order more than a month before you would like it installed, we can delay installation until whatever date you request.

What size system will I need?

This very much depends on your water and central heating energy usage primarily, as well as how well insulated your home is.

The most important thing is to make sure you get a system large enough and precisely sized to supply the heating and hot water you require, and we will make sure that all calculations are done very accurately and that you are advised accordingly.

How long will the system last?

Conservative estimates for the current standard of the technology and the high standard of the equipment that we recommend, you should expect a system life span of at least 20 years +.

What reassurance can you give?

We are MCS accredited and members of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code, and use only our in house installers and surveyors. We guarantee a top level service from start to finish, with your balance payment only due when you are 100% satisified with the install.

We use the best quality equipment and as a result we can give you a 7 year warrantee on the equipment as well a 10 year warranty on the installation.

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