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Biomass Boilers

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We install Biomass boilers for Bristol, Bath, Somerset and Gloucester.  We can advise you of the suitability of each product for you individual circumstances.  As we are a full multiple technology company we can give you impartial advise on the right options for you.

Contact us today – We do not employ salesmen – We are here to give honest and helpful advice.

A Biomass boiler is a carbon neutral alternative to your standard gas system boiler, operating in an almost identical user friendly fashion, but it uses Logs or Wood Pellets rather than gas or oil.  They come in all shapes and sizes from the small ones suitable for installation in a living room of a small house to the large utility boilers that can run a National Trust Stately home.  We specialise in the installation of the Klover Smart 120 that is a Biomass replacement for an Aga or Rayburn.

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Biomass is a term for fuel made from organic material (typically wood pellets or logs). It is widely available in user friendly pellet form. Biomass is carbon neutral as the fuel source has already offset the carbon output of burning it.




Biomass boilers are available that can burn a variety of fuels, from pellets to logs.  It is important to have the correct boiler capable of burning the biomass fuel you choose, and it is very important to choose locally available biomass fuels to achieve the carbon minimized aim of having such a heating system.

Approved installers for KWB, The top name in Commercial and Domestic Biomass


Windhager Approved Installer

Approved Installers for Windhager, for all large Domestic and Commercial heating systems


Klover Approved Installer

Approved installers for the stylish Klover Biomass Boilers


windhager biomass boilerIt is a sustainable, renewable fuel source that releases a fraction of the CO2 that is released when burning alternative fuels such as gas or oil.  Modern biomass boilers are also highly efficient, operating at as high an efficiency level as a modern gas boiler.

Biomass Pellets have a short carbon cycle and come from sustainable forests. This means that C02 was absorbed by the tree whilst growing and then released as burnt a few years later.  As more trees are grown to make more fuel, no more C02 is released than had been recently absorbed by the growing trees.  Biomass is the one true carbon neutral heating system.

They are covered by the Renewable Heat Incentive, which means you can receive a considerable payback from your investment, as well as being able to heat your home and hot water cheaply and greenly.

If you have access to your own wood supply it is possible for you to heat your home and hot water without needing to pay for any fuel.

Biomass is an environmentally friendly real alternative Boiler system to gas or oil fueled boilers.


Why Choose a Biomass Boiler

biomass installation efficiencyFor a number of years now alternative energy has been a hot topic of discussion by politicians and consumers, and there is now no escaping the fact that without everyone making real steps to reduce their carbon footprint will drain the planets precious resources and cause potentially serious environmental damage.


As a part of our carbon footprint reduction we need to cut down on the amount of non renewable energy use, as well as learning to become more efficient in the energy we use.

The need to change to renewable and self sufficient energy generation is further compounded by the ever increasing cost of using conventional non renewable energy.  We have all seen a huge increase in our gas and electricity bills and this is due to continue increasing at a conservatively predicted rate of 10% every year.

An enormous amount of our current energy usage goes into heating domestic hot water and especially running household central heating systems.

This is where a Biomass Boiler system comes in, as it is capable of effectively running your domestic central heating system, as well as heating your hot water. It can be used to supply all the heat you require to supply all your domestic hot water needs, and it can fully heat your home through your existing central heating radiators or under-floor heating system. It also operates in a user friendly style with all the functionality of a traditional heating system (timers, thermostatic controls etc) and it can be connected up to your existing central heating system, without needing to upgrade radiators.  And it can do all this whilst efficiently consuming carbon neutral fuel, which is available for free if you have access to a good log supply.

If you are not on the gas network, or wish to use a more environmentally responsible fuel, or have access to a good supply of wood to burn, a Biomass boiler can be a good heating boiler choice for you.

The technology is now very advanced, efficient and increasingly affordable. Coupled with the government backed incentives that are available it is not only something many households can afford, it also can represent a financial investment, not just from reductions in your energy bills, from no longer needing to pay for non renewable fuels to heat your water and home, but also from the money you can receive from the Renewable Heat Incentive.

The Renewable Heat Incentive will be reducing over time so there has never been a better time to make your first steps towards self sufficiency and environmental responsibility.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint dramatically
  • Reduce your water heating bills
  • Reduce your home central heating bills
  • Earn money for all the water and central heating power you produce from the Renewable Heat Incentive
  • Generates heat all the heat you need 365 days of the year
  • Helps to support the local rural economy


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