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Solar PV Calculator

Please use the handy solar pv calculator, on the below link to work out what your home is likely to save and earn from you proposed Solar PV system.

The solar pv calculator uses MCS and government backed variables and figures, and is completely independent, so you can rest assured that the estimates they give are as accurate as possible, and completely achievable.

At Gem Solar we are totally opposed to the use of unrealistic and overly optimistic solar pv calculator s, that you see on so many commercial renewable energy sales sites, and as result we like to direct our customers to great independent calculator facilities.

As intelligent consumers we like our clients to have all the most accurate and honest information, from which to make informed buying decision.  (You will also find lots of useful information on the topic of renewable energy from both sites, safe in the knowledge it is unbiased, non-exaggerated and not trying to sell you anything.)

Solar PV Calculator 

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