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Feed in Tariff

feed in tariff energy efficiency benefitsThe Feed in Tariff has been introduced by the UK government to encourage households to use renewable electricity generating technologies, such as Solar PV, in order to help the environment and to get the UK to meet its international carbon reduction requirements.



The feed in tariff is being revised (downwards) over time, as the government meets its target, in terms of the number homes using clean energy generation systems, however the rate at the time of application are fixed for 20 years. In Jan 2016 the government decided to alter the way the Feed in Tariff scheme works, giving it the potential to decrease more rapidly and unpredictably, and involving a queuing system of applications received in each quarter.  All very unnecessarily confusing, but if you would like to know your likely Feed in Tariff rate for the current moment in time, please do get in touch. Despite the recent FIT rate cuts, there will still not be a better time to have a Solar PV system installed on your home.

The feed in tariff (FIT) is your reward for going green.

Under the current scheme you will paid for the electricity you generate through your Solar PV system, even if you use it yourself, and you will also get paid an additional rate for any electricity you generate that you do not use yourself, which is in tern then fed back into the grid to power other homes with renewable energy.

This means that you not only stand to save lots of money off your current electricity bill through generating your own electricity, but you also will receive a extra income that can equate to a significant earning over time.

These payments are made to you through and electricity supplier of your choosing (we always recommend Microtricity), and we will take care of the application and its associated paperwork as part of our installation service.

Eligibility Requirements and Registration

As part of your solar PV installation we will take care of everything for you to ensure not only that you have a great clean energy producing Solar PV system, but we will also arrange your registration to receive the FIT payments to which you are entitled.

This will involve us:

  • Registering your installation on the central MCS database
  • Providing with you an MCS compliance certificate for both the installation and the panels fitted
  • Arranging and providing you with an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) that proves your home has a subsequent efficiency rating of band D or above, if you do not already have one
  • Completing the application to Microtricity, or your chosen or current Energy Supplier, which we will do immediately to ensure you start getting payments back through the FIT as soon as possible and from your zero start reading.

What can I Earn through the Feed In Tariff

  • Generation Tariff: you will be paid a set rate for ever kWh of electricity you generate, regardless of whether you use it yourself or whether it is fed back into the grid.  This rate is currently changing downwards frequently, so please do get in touch to find out the current rate. The generation tariff is guaranteed for 20 years and is index linked to inflation.
  • Export Tariff:  any electricity that you generate but do not use yourself is automatically fed back into the national grid, for which you will get an extra payment of 4.85p per kWh on top of the generation tariff. This is done purely by an estimate (but calculated from your actual generation meter reading), and the current system of calculation assumes that 50% of the electricity you produce is fed back into the grid. So regardless of how much of the power you produce, that you actually use yourself, (with your aim always to be much higher than just 50% self-consumption), 50% of the electricity you produce is paid at a rate of 4.85p per kWh.
  • Energy Bill Savings: Because you are generating your own electricity, you won’t need to buy in as much energy from your electricity supplier, so this will also mean you are saving loads off your energy bills, as well as receiving earnings from the FIT. Energy savings are the key to financial benefits of a solar panel system, and especially over time, and especially if you are able to achieve a high level of self-consumption.

Please use the Energy Saving Trust calculator to work out how much you are likely to save and earn from your Solar PV system:

(click to calculate what you can save and earn through the Feed in Tariff and your Solar PV system)

energysavingtrust feed in tariff calculator

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