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Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme has been set-up by the UK government to encourage and incentivise us to use renewable heating technologies such as Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal Systems, and Biomass Boilers.

renewable heat incentive RHIThe Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) guarantees you an index linked quarterly cash payments for 7 years, if you install an eligible renewable heating technology.  It is a government backed scheme aimed to compensate renewable energy users for most of the cost of installing their system.


As it is government backed and financed to help the UK Government meet their renewable heating user targets, it is limited in finance and scope and is in value over time as more people take up the technology.  (The RHI rate will be fixed and index linked at the rate available when you install the technology for the 7 year term, and will not be reduced.)  As a result there will not be a better time for you to install such technologies.

Eligibility Requirements and Registration

As part of your Solar Thermal, Air Source Heat Pump, or Biomass Boiler installation we will take care of as much as possible for you to ensure not only that you have a great clean renewable heating producing system, but we will also help arrange your registration to receive the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments to which you are entitled.

This will involve us:

  • Registering your installation on the central MCS database
  • Providing with you an MCS compliance certificate for both the installation and the equipment fitted
  • Arranging and providing you with an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) that proves your home has the required loft and cavity wall insulation to be eligible to claim the RHI
  • Arranging for you to have a Green Deal Advice report as the report number is required for your registration
  • Completing your application form for you

What can I earn through the Renewable Heat Incentive

The earning potential from the RHI will vary downwards over time, with the highest rates available to the earlier adopters of these renewable heating technologies. The rate also varies according to the type of technology adopted:

  • Solar Thermal – 19.51p per kWh
  • Biomass – 5.14p per kWh
  • Air Source Heat Pump – 7.42p per kWh

(The rates are changing frequently, so do please get in touch to find out the current rates.)

These payments are based on heat demand estimates rather than metering, and are based on the Energy Performance Certificate for the system installed.


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