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Off-Grid Options


All off grid systems are bespoke designed to suit the needs of the property and client concerned, and they can take a variety of different formats, and will include a varying mix of Solar, Wind Turbines, Battery Storage and generator back-up.


Solar PV – Cost Effective Renewable Power

Solar PV is a starting point in most  Off-Grid systems, as it gives such reliably high outputs for its cost.

The solar PV array is sized in accordance with your required energy consumption, as well as the limits of the site or property concerned.

A solar pv array will produce loads of free and storable energy all year round.

The array and your subsequent system will be designed to ensure adequate production and storage is possible for you to have an uninterrupted supply even during the winter months.

We install a variety of panel outputs and looks, so we can tailor an array to your specific requirements.

off gris solar panels

– Cost efficient
– Can be sized to suit requirement
– Reliable production
– Can be used in any location


Leading Edge LE-600 Wind Turbines

The LE-600 wind turbine is often used as a wind power addition to an off grid power system, to compliment the Solar PV. It can provide more power in the winter months, and cut down on backup generator usage, and reduce the need to oversize the pv array, and the battery bank.

LE600 Wind Turbine
As the wind blows more at night and in the winter months when the pv array is producing less, a wind turbine is a great addition to any pv based off-grid system.
Designed and made in the UK for industrial applications in harsh environments, it has a unique low inertia axial flux generator, which utilises Neodymium rare earth magnetic materials, to allow the turbine to spin in the lightest of breezes and to react quickly to gusts. This means it is able generate power at even low wind speeds.
The combining of a wind turbine with your PV array can make it possible and affordable, to run a completely off grid renewable energy only system.

  • 750W peak output
  • can run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • very quiet operation



Battery Bank

The battery bank is a critical part to your off grid system, as it enables renewably generated power to stored, to be then drawn as required, and when required, as opposed to when the sun is shining, or when the wind is blowing.  It gives an off grid system the flick of a switch properties of an on grid system, in that the power is there whenever you require it.
The type battery bank will depend upon the pattern of usage and budget, and the size of the battery bank will be related to your consumption needs, as well as the likely output of your pv array and /or turbine at different times of year.

lead acid battery bank

Lithium Ion Batteries
If you are likely to be using high demand appliances and using power in a typical modern home fashion of peaks and lows, then a lithium battery bank is the most suitable and compact solution.  Depending on the system size either Victron or LG are our goto Lithium battery brands.

lg lithium battery system
Lead Acid Batteries
Economically priced and most suited to applications with a steady draw of power.  A very environmentally friendly option as almost all the material in a this type of battery can easily be recycled. Rolls 4000 Series batteries are our recommended lead acid battery choice.

lead acid batteries


An inverter and charge controller are required to manage the power produced from a PV array so it can be used to charge a battery bank.  The stored 24/48v then requires an inverter to then convert the battery power into 230v AC to power typical uk appliances and devices.

The type, power and arrangement of charge controller and inverters will vary from system to system, and some smaller devices can complete all required functions in one unit.


Victron Easy Solar

An all in one off grid power solution, that combines both charge controllers, inverter and AC distribution.
This makes it a very conveniently cost effective solution to smaller off grid domestic installations.
Capable of a constant output of up to 2.5kW and peaks of up to 6kW it is big enough to handle small domestic size installations.
It is also able to accept a backup generator input.



Victron Multi-Plus and Quattro Inverter Chargers
The Multi and Quattro are sophisticated battery charger controllers and AC inverters, that can control multiple power inputs (PV, Turbine, Generator) to produce a system that can satisfy even the largest power demands.
Not only are they suitable for large off grid application, they are also the very effective centre of larger domestic off-grid systems, capable of handling peak power of up 10kW and a constant output of up to 5kW.

VIC-MULTIPLUS-3000-48 victron quattro



Victron Colour control Display and Battery Monitor
The Victron Systems are not only highly programmable, but also can be supplied with some advanced monitoring tools, both via user friendly apps and on the wall displays, as well as via Victron’s sophisticated web monitoring portal.
The Victron Colour Control GX provides control and monitoring for your Victron system through a colourful graphical display.  Connecting the Colour Control to the internet can provide free online monitoring via the Victron VRM portal. Once your system is on the VRM Portal your system can also be monitored via the Victron Energy app.

Victron-wall-mount-enclosure-for-BMV-and-Color-Control-GX_with-products Victron-VRM-App-On-iPhone-5-hub-2-Daylight Victron-Color-Control_screen_overview

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