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We install Off Grid Power Systems for Bristol, Bath and the South West.  We can advise you of the suitability of each product for you individual circumstances.  As we are a full multiple technology company we can give you impartial advise on the right options for you.


Off Grid Energy refers to the installation of electricity producing systems, for sites where there is no Grid provided electricity connection. A combination of renewable energy sources and battery storage, (and where required generator backup) are combined, to make a system that can provide your specific electricity needs, all year round, and at the flick of a switch, just as if you were grid connected.

“Making modern green living possible, in remote locations and off-grid properties”

We design and install systems throughout rural Somerset and beyond, providing green and renewable power, to locations where other forms of electricity are either prohibitively expensive, or unattainable.

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An Off Grid System is typically comprised of:

A renewable energy source, typically:
· Solar PV array
· Wind Turbine.

A Battery Storage system:
· Battery Bank.
· Charge Controller which manages the battery bank, and a  Battery inverter to convert the stored energy into 230v AC , required to run domestic appliances.

Plus in many cases:
· A backup energy source, such as an occasionally needed generator.


Off Grid System Design

A well designed  off-grid system, is critical to ensure that the system meets the requirements of the household, or application concerned.
We will analyse the electrical consumption of everything you plan to run on your system, to make sure you are able to produce and store all the energy you need, as well as making sure that the system is able to cope with high demand items.  We will look at every device, how much electricity it uses, its peak load, how often it is used daily, and even at different times of the year.
From this data we will then design a system, that best suits your needs and your budget, as well as advising on ways to minimise consumption.

Off Grid Power Applications

· Remote locations of any kind.
· Small holdings.
· Rural new builds/ renovations at sites with a prohibitively high cost of grid connection.
· Generator powered locations and properties.
· Areas of unreliable power with back-up electricity required.
· On grid locations with a desire to be as grid independent and green as possible.

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