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Solar Thermal

renewable energy solar thermal systemSolar Thermal systems use the suns radiation to produce a supplementary heating source for a hot water tank.

A solar thermal system produces adequate heat for your water system to not require the use of any additional water heating, usually from March right Through until October.  Even in the winter they will be able to produce enough heat for you to only need to use your boiler or immersion heater a fraction of its current amount.

A Solar Thermal system will greatly reduce your hot water heating costs, and are also included in the governments Renewable Heat Incentive which means you will also be paid for all the heat energy you produce for yourself, making Solar Thermal and investment of similar attractiveness to Solar PV and its Feed in Tariff.


Air Source Heat Pumps

lailey and coates renewable energy air source heat pumpAir source heat pumps are an extremely efficient and green solution to heating your home and hot water, and are set to replace traditional boiler systems in the very near future.



An air source heat pump takes thermal energy from the air outside, and then via a compression process similar to that of a household refrigerator, but in reverse, it turns that little bit of heat in the air into enough heat to run your domestic hot water and heating system.

An air source heat pump still requires a limited electricity supply (however this can be supplied by your solar PV system if you choose to have one), however it is still up to 5 times more efficient than any other traditional gas or electricity based heating system, whilst still providing you with the same level of comfort and functionality as a traditional system.

Due to the governments green energy initiatives traditional heating systems are set to become a thing of the past. In a couple of years time all new homes will have to be built with an air source heat pump (or similar) instead of a traditional boiler heating system.

Air source heat pumps allow you to heat your home and hot water by using renewable energy, reducing your heating spend, massively reducing your carbon footprint, taking you another step closer to total energy self sufficiently.  They are also covered by the Renewable Heat Incentive making them a sensible investment not only in terms of energy savings, but also in terms of generating income for you at a high return on investment rate.

Bio Mass Boilers

renewable energy biomass boiler windhagerA Biomass boiler is a carbon neutral alternative to your standard combi boiler, operating in an almost identical user friendly fashion, but it uses organic material rather than gas or oil.

Biomass is a term for fuel made from organic material (typically wood, straw, cotton waste).  It is widely available in user friendly pellet form. Biomass is carbon neutral as the fuel source has already offset the carbon output of burning it. Biomass boilers are available that can burn a variety of fuels, from pellets to animal waste, or logs.  It is important to have the correct boiler capable of burning the biomass fuel you choose, and it is very important to choose locally available biomass fuels to achieve the carbon minimized aim of having such a heating system.

It is a sustainable, renewable fuel source that releases a fraction of the CO2 that is released when burning alternative fuels such as gas or oil.  Modern biomass boilers are also highly efficient, operating at a higher efficiency level than a modern combi boiler.

They are covered by the Renewable Heat Incentive, which means you can receive a considerable payback from your investment, as well as being able to heat your home and hot water cheaply and greenly.

If you have access to your own wood supply it is possible for you to heat your home and hot water without needing to pay for any fuel.

Biomass is an environmentally friendly real alternative Boiler system to gas or oil fuelled boilers.



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