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Other Technologies

As well as the primary renewable technology systems there are a number of additional technologies we can add you your various systems to help you make the very most of your renewable energy.  As new technologies arise and their financial viability improves we will add them to our standard available product options.


Solar PV Immersion  Heating System

This system diverts any of your unused solar power from your solar PV system to your immersion heat, rather than back into the national grid.  This surplus energy generated can be used to very effectively contribute to your hot water heating needs. (for more information please visit our solar PV pages)

solar imersion heating system


Solar Battery Backup Systems

Solar battery backup systems are now being further developed to allow you to take advantage of your solar pv systems power generation in the night-time and evenings to allow you to benefit from solar energy power 24 hours a day.

These systems diverts any of your unused solar power from your solar PV system to a battery or series of batteries, rather than back into the national grid. This stored power can then be used in the evening for lighting, entertainment, and cooking for example.

The current systems are limited in their power storage capacity and as a relatively new addition to the technology they remain fairly expensive, with little economic argument to their use.  However as the technology progresses and their uptake increases their price will decrease to make them a more affordable addition to your solar pv system.

SMA_Sunny_Boy_Smart_Energy solar battery backup systemHowever if you are interested in using a solar battery backup system to make the most of your solar pv system, minimise your non-renewable fuels usage, and want be one of the early adopters of this technology, please let us know as we are happy to quote and add this to your system.


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