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Renewable Energy

‘Live the Dream’ – Save money and help the Environment

gemSolar_energyBlackFor a number of years now alternative energy has been a hot topic of discussion by politicians and consumers alike. There is now no escaping the fact that without everyone making real steps to reduce their carbon footprint, we will drain the planets precious resources and cause potentially serious environmental damage.


Whilst to some people the environment is considered a problem for future generations to worry about, that isn’t really the case.  Due to increasing scarcity, non renewable fuel costs are soaring already and predicted to more than double in the next decade.  The fact that politicians have been pushing us so vigorously towards renewable energies, should be ringing alarm bells with us all.  It takes an awful lot to push any politician to engage in any policies, the effects of which cannot be realised within their term of office, (and that cost money) so perhaps the real situation is even more serious that we realise or are being told.

With the planets population continuing to explode, the only solution is to get every person and every household to take responsibility for their own carbon footprint and energy usage.  The planets non renewable resources cannot keep up with our demand, and therefore we must each look towards a future where we produce our energy for ourselves.  The government and commercial industry cannot and should not be relied upon to solve this problem for us all.

As a part of our carbon footprint reduction we need to cut down on the amount of non renewable energy use, as well as learning to become more efficient in the energy we use, as well as the resources we consume.

The need to change to renewable and self sufficient energy generation is further compounded by the ever increasing cost of using conventional non renewable energy.  We have all seen a huge increase in our gas and electricity bills and this is due to continue increasing at a conservatively predicted rate of 10% every year.

The renewable energy industry is now very popular and established with millions of homes now using these technologies to produce their own power and heat.  As a result this technology is now much more affordable, and coupled with the government backed incentives that are still available it is not only something most consumers can afford, it also can represent an investment, not just from reductions in your energy bills.

power station polution shutterstock_56009314Taking full responsibility for the energy your home requires is not only a priority for us all from and environmental point of view, it is also a personally liberating ideal of being self-sufficient.




It is a big step to removing our reliance on the government and politicians, and stopping lining the pockets of the big planet destroying and money oriented corporations, to which we are paying an ever increasing amount of money to through our ever increasing energy bills.

Please work towards living the self-sufficiency dream, and save your household money whist helping to save the environment.


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