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Solar PV Installation Options

“Tailor made solar pv systems to suit your specific needs and requirements, and desires.  You can select what you want from our extensive solar pv installation options and we will install the perfect solar panel system for you.”



We are happy to install any system of your choice if you have a particular brand, or look of panel, you specifically want to have as part of your system. However to make things easier for you, we have selected what we consider the best panels available, for a variety of budgets and system needs. We have made this selection based upon:

  • Quality (the feedback from our fitters as to the robustness of the panels, as well as the manufacturers reputations and warranty lengths.)
  • Value (the highest ratios of performance related to price)
  • Aesthetics (how the panel look on your home is a major consideration for many clients and we make sure our panels are as discrete and stylish looking as possible)


JASolar 280w – 295w Black Smart Module

JA Solar is one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the world, and is a very reputable brand internationally.
Compared to traditional modules, the JA Percium panels have lower initial degradation and higher performance under both high temperature and low irradiation conditions.
Technological innovation is essential to JA Solar’s position as a global leader in solar energy — it’s key to the quality and value  of their products and as an innovative industry frontrunner.
The JA Solar 280-295W’s range’s excellent high wattage means you can use less panels and achieve a high output – ideal for domestic systems where roof space is limited and  the highest output possible is needed, whilst at a great value price.
Available as smart modules, with integrated SolarEdge panel optimizers, they make a high performance SolarEdge system very affordable.
  • 17% efficiency
  • 280W -295W rated power
  • Monocrystalline cells
  • High Quality materials
  • Optimizer integrated options
  • Stylish looks


JA Solar 290W Mono Percium BF

LG is one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the world, and is a very reputable brand internationally.


The 320Wp LG Neon2 mono-crystalline photovoltaic series comes with a robust and attractive design combined with the highest efficiency.
The LG 320W are one of the very highest rated panels available, and with its outstanding high efficiency, enables more energy output than conventional counterparts when given the same amount of space, making the LG 320W the best choice when trying to maximise the output from smaller roofs.
This leading manufacturer uses Cello technology and replaces 3 busbars with 12 thin wires to enhance power output and reliability.
A truly high performing and high quality advanced panel from this leading manufacturer.


  • 19.5% efficiency
  • 320W rated power
  • Monocrystalline cells
  • Outstanding Build Quality
  • 87% efficiency guaranteed after 25 years


Solar World 285W Black Mono

Solar World is one of the most reputable solar panel manufacturers in the world, known for producing some of the most robust and high quality panels available.
The Solar World mono-crystalline panels comes with an attractive all black design giving a appealing uniformed view especially when paired with black mounting clips. These robust and durable modules can maintain a consistent output and can withstand build-ups of snow and ice.
Solar World panels are produced in Germany to a very high standard, and ensure a reliable future production and supply.




  • 17% efficiency
  • 285W rated power
  • Advanced cells
  • Very high build quality
  •  25 year warranty
  • Made in Germany


LG 300W Mono Neon 2 Black
In the persuit of greater aesthetics black panels have become very popular with many clients. LG has now taken the all black to the next level with the Neon 2 Black panel, which is perhaps the best looking panel on the market.

Perlight beautiful value solar pv installation panel choice

The 300W Neon 2 Black Monocrystalline module is designed especially , recognising the importance of aesthetics in construction.

Marking another step forward for LG’s range of modules, already know to have excellent build quality, performance, reliability and appearance.
When installed in arrays, the Neon Black offers a more uniform appearance, enabling PV modules to integrate into new and existing buildings without necessarily making the array the focal point of the building.


This module continues the trend from LG of well made, good looking products that offer outstanding performance.

  • 18.3% efficiency
  • 300W rated power
  • Monocrystalline cells
  • High build quality
  • 25 year warranty
  • Stylish all black looks


SolarEdge P300 Solar Panel Optimiser
SolarEdge power optimisers maximise energy from each panel, through constant tracking of Maximum Power Point per panel. Optimal efficiency is achieved by automatically maintaining a fixed string voltage, and performance can be monitored via the SolarEdge monitoring portal.

solar edge solar panel optimizer solar pv installation panel choice
Module mismatch occurs when modules in an array do not exhibit fully identical electrical properties or when exposed to different environmental conditions. Module mismatch leads to a different maximum power point (MPP) per module.



Sources of module-mismatch:

· Partial shading & uneven soiling causes different irradiance levels on different modules
· Temperature gradient – heat convection across the solar array causes different temperature levels on different modules
· Manufacturing tolerance & uneven aging rate cause the modules to perform at different MPP parameters
String systems lower the string’s output to the level of the lowest performing module.

SolarEdge power optimizers perform MPP tracking for each module individually and therefore extract the maximum energy from each module, regardless of other modules in the string.

  • increase energy yields from your system by up to 25%
  • increase the output from any make of panel
  • maximise array design flexibility
  • 25 year warranty


The inverter for your system is a critical component, and as with the solar panels we are happy to install any suitably sized inverter you request. However to make your life easier the following is our recommended selection of inverters, chosen for reliability, value, warranty, and quality. Please remember that during the lifetime of your solar panels the inverter will probably need to be replaced, so quality and warranty are critical factors to consider.


SMA Sunny Boy
Packed full of innovative technology, the Sunny Boy HF series provides the highest yields for transformer-based inverters in this performance class. With its modern graphic display and wireless Bluetooth communication system make the devices highly user-friendly. With unrivalled build quality it is the Rolls Royce of inverters.

SMA Inverter quality solar pv installation inverter choice
It comes with a standard 5 year warranty, that can be extended to a massive 25 years.

Higher financial benefits through maximum yields with an efficiency rating of 96%; one of the highest in it’s class.

Up to 1.5% higher energy output due to SMA’s OptiTrac system which enables the inverter to react quickly and accurately to changes in conditions e.g. shading.



Clear, user friendly, graphic display providing relevant performance values in an easy to understand format. Bluetooth interface means no unnecessary wiring for a neat and tidy installation.

  • 96% efficiency
  • Highest quality
  • 25 year  warranty available
  • Stylish looks


Solis 2G Inverters

Solis Inverters have been manufacturing Solar Inverters for over 20 years and they have earned the reputation as highest quality value inverter on the market. Solis prides itself on offering world class design and quality, while retaining competitive pricing. The Solis inverters represent a well-respected, value priced brand of inverters and come with a five-year warranty as standard with an optional 10 year upgrade.
The Solis inverters have a maximum efficiency rating of over 97% and features an ultra wide input voltage range, dual MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm, and controlled inverter technology. Solis inverters are compact and light for easy installation and include numerous protection functions to give the end user peace of mind. We install the units with a WiFi connection to enable you to benefit from Solis’s free monitoring system, and giving the Solis the full functionality of a much more expensive  inverter.


Solis inverter


  • 97% efficiency
  • High quality
  • 5 year  standard warranty
  • Monitoring included


Solar Edge Inverters

The SolarEdge inverters combine a sophisticated, digital control technology and a one stage, efficient power conversion architecture to achieve superior solar power harvesting and best-in-class reliability. The fixed-voltage technology ensures the solar inverter is always working at its optimal input voltage, regardless of the number of modules in a string or environmental conditions.

Solar Edge optimising solar pv installation inverter choice Inverter Features:

• Solar inverters specifically designed to work with power optimisers

• Superior efficiency (>97%)

• Excellent reliability with standard 12 year warranty (extendable to 20 years)

• Built in module-level monitoring receiver

• Communication to internet via broadband

• IP65 / NEMA 3R – Outdoor and indoor installation


Ideally suited to residential installations.

Combine with Solar Edge Power Optimisers to maximise the power generation of your PV system, giving a faster return on investment.

  • 97% efficiency
  • Standard 12 year warranty
  • 20 year  warranty available
  • power optimising



Roof Integration

GSE_Integration_Integrated_Solar_PV_Mounting_System_Install_01A roof integrated solar system creates the ultimate in aesthetic appearance for your home, and roof integration is no longer just a possibility for new builds, but it now highly affordable for the average home owner, even on retro fit installations.


integrated solar pv installation roof integration system

integrated solar pv installation roof integrated system

Roof integration is available as an option on all our installs and with all our solar panels, and for only a marginal increase in the installation cost.





  • Aesthetic
  • Waterproof
  • Ideal for new builds
  • Retrofit suitable




SOLiC200 Solar Immersion Heater Controller

The Award Winning SOLiC 200 from Earthwise Products Ltd automatically converts energy generated by existing PV panels into hot water by diverting excess solar power to the immersion heater before it’s exported to the national grid.

Simple to use and maintenance free, the SOLiC 200 is self contained and will save you hundreds of pounds over the course of a year.

The SOLiC 200 is guaranteed for 10 years and built to last for 25 years, and has been designed, constructed and fully tested in Britain to the highest CE standards.


  • maximise your solar power usage
  • Highest quality
  • 10 year guarantee
  • reduced water heating bills
  • great value device

Solar iBoost Wireless Immersion Controller

Solar iBoost
The Solar iBoost automatically converts energy generated by PV panels into hot water by diverting excess solar power to the immersion heater before it’s exported to the national grid.
Simple to use and maintenance free, the iBoost is self contained and can save you hundreds of pounds off your heating bills, and can provide all your domestic hot water needs for most of the year.
An immersion controller is a very inexpensive way to maximise your solar self consumption, and provides a simple answer to summertime domestic hot water heating for solid fuel heated homes.

  • wireless link
  • touch screen display and generation monitor
  • operates at 100w surplus making it compatible with battery storage systems
  • boost and timer settings
  • 2year warranty


Whilst previously separate monitoring systems have been required, all of our suggested systems and inverters come with their own effective monitoring portals that can be accessed via computer or mobile phone app. No separate monitoring device is required, just available onsite wifi.

Part of the selection criteria for the systems we recommend is their proven, reliable and intuitive and easy to use monitoring systems.  Solar Edge has the ultimate monitoring portal, with even panel level monitoring capabilities, and both SMA and Solis have very user friendly systems.

SolarEdge Monitoring              Solis monitoring portal


Smappe Solar Home Energy Monitoring System

Turn your home into a smarter more energy efficient home. The Smappee monitoring is app and desktop based, and con give you incredibly detailed real time information on your current consumption, pv production and export. The Smappee is even able to give you real time energy use and cost data for each of your individual appliances.

Smappee-780x330 Smappee-Monitor
Compatible with Smappee remote sockets that mean you can control your appliances via remote control or via a tap on your phone from anywhere.
Learn from your energy behaviour to make significant savings on your electricity bill.
– monitor production, consumption and export
– appliance consumption data
– remote sockets


Geo Solar Solo II PV Monitor

The Solo II is a stylish and elegant web-enabled colour display for a single Smart or Pre-Smart Electricity Meter. With its stylish speedometer design, it displays information cleanly, clearly and concisely. The display can show generation over the course of the day, yesterday and last week.

monitoring system for solar pv installation

The Solo II PV shows when an array is producing enough energy to power high-load appliances (like dishwashers and tumble dryers), making sure that power generated via panels is used at the optimum times for greatest efficiency.

The Solo II PV display comes with full access to the online energy management service, energynote.  Energynote automatically takes data from the display via the internet bridge (supplied with the display) and populates an engaging, interactive web service that allows end-users to make comparisons, spot trends and analyse their generation in depth.


  • Use your solar energy efficiently
  • Shows when to use high load appliances
  • Fun and interesting

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