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Swimming Pool Heating


Solar Thermal Pool Heating System
Sized to suit your pool and your pool season length to be able to provide all the pool heating you require, without the need for any additional supporting backup heating.

Perfect for outdoor pools where it can provide all the heat you need for a May to September pool season , plus the heat you require at any unseasonably sunny spell. All the heat you require renewably, free of charge, indefinitely and with minimal maintenance and maximum reliability


Varisol Direct Flow Modular Vacuum Tube 
Probably the most advanced solar thermal collector on the market, and have even been recently installed on the White House.

The systems modular designs mean that we can design and install thermal arrays that fit the most challenging of roof shapes.
The tubes have an  internal flat absorber that can be tilted to maximise the systems yield, meaning even flat roofs can be as effective as pitched roofs.
Equally this adjustment can be used to improve the orientation of the system on an east / west roof.


A solar thermal system is the ideal renewable way to heat your pool, either as the complete or partial heating source. Totally renewable and guaranteed to provide lots of guilt free and cost free indefinite heating.


Calorax ProPac Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

The Calorax ProPac heat pumps are specially designed for the purpose of swimming pool heating. Heat Pumps are recognised as the most sustainable way to dynamically heat swimming pool water, due to the thermal mass and the low overall temperatures required. This can give operating efficiencies in excess of 550%, and are even more efficient when used in conjunction with a solar thermal system.

calorax swimming pool heat pump
– substantial savings over alternative pool heating systems
– Minimal maintenance required
– Designed especially for pool heating in the uk climate
– Easy to control
– Operation Range down to 10°C

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