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Mr Zukowski

I’m really happy with it all. I thought you did a very honest pitch and were really helpful in suggesting alternatives and happy to provide several quotes on various panels. All my questions were answered giving me confidence with going with you.


The important thing to me was getting round the shading issue from the chimney. I thought I was getting the best configuration at a very good price. Other companies weren’t giving me the info and not quoting me with the power optimizers.


Steve was just brilliant with fixing the panels and connecting them up. I couldn’t believe how quick it was. Coming today to install the wifi connector he tested the system again showing me the readings on the current meters he clamped around the cables. Not just telling me it was working fine. I could see the amps generated and that being called by the immersion heater. Gave me great confidence in it all working fine and that I was making the most out of the energy generated.


I’m looking to make the most of it. It’s great to know I’ve got that tank of hot water in the evenings. I’ve got timers on the washing machine and dishwasher so they’re used at optimum times. Slow cooking next.

It gives me a good feeling too that on the Eco side I’m doing my bit. The guide you sent on making the most out of what you generate was very useful. Thank you for that too.

Solar PV – Bristol

Mr Zukowski

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