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ASHP Options

We install Air Source Heat Pump boilers for Bristol, Bath and Somerset.  We can advise you of the suitability of each product for you individual circumstances.  As we are a full multiple technology company we can give you impartial advise on the right options for you.

A heat pump works as an air conditioning unit in reverse to create heat, this is then connected to the house central heating using standard radiators or underfloor heating.  Heat pumps are controlled using normal heating thermostats and when you live with a heat pump you would not know the difference from a conventional boiler.

We are happy to install the Air Source Heat Pump of your choice, if you have a particular brand you specifically want to use in your system. However to make things easier for you, we have selected what we consider the best units available, in terms of value, output, and reliability. We are both Mitsubishi and Samsung certified installers.

Contact us today – We do not employ salesmen – We are here to give honest and helpful advice.


Mitsubishi EcoDan Heating System ASHP
Mitsubishi have dominated the industry and their latest Ecodan mono block heat pump units are perhaps the most advanced on the market.

mitsubishi-logo-580-75 mitsubishi-ecodan
With advanced controls, mobile phone monitoring and control app, combined with their Ecodan water cylinders to make the most efficient modern home heating system available.

– Complete combined heat pump and cylinder package
– Domestic hot water and multiple heating
– Advanced Weather Compensation Control
– DHW Legionella Protection Program
– Capacities from 5kW to 14kW
– Hybrid system suitable

  • built in energy monitoring
  • WiFi & app controls
  • 5kW -14kW models
  • Warranty extendable to 7 years




Samsung Eco Heating System ASHP

Samsung air to water heat pump systems offer very high build quality and unbelievable efficiency even in cold conditions. Samsung EHS is more reliable in cold climate countries compared with other manufactures and provides its best heating performance at very low ambient temperatures. It offers heating capacity of approximately 90% at -10°C which is unprecedented. Furthermore, if the ambient temperature drops lower than this, it will trigger a automatic defrost operation to prevent the unit from freezing up.

samsung ASHP

– Compatible with all low temp. systems
– High seasonal energy efficiency
– Up to 55°C water supply
– Easy to control
– Operation Range down to -25°C
– Higher capacity at low ambient temperature.

–  7 Year Samsung Manufacturers Warranty


  • High efficiency
  • 5-16kW models
  • Great Value for its performance
  • High Quality and proven reliability
  • 7 year warranty
  • Quiet operation


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